Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#18: Vegan Wednesday #13

[zur deutschen Version geht's hier!

Today's the end of Vegan MoFo and I am a bit disappointed, because I planned SO much but actually didn't make it ;-(
But I found sooo many great blogs, recipes, inspirations... and I'm going to look through all the categories and posts from this Vegan MoFo for collecting even mooore :-D

If you like to read more from me and my recipes, then click here! I added the translation gadget, even I know how baad the google translation is, I hope that it maybe helps to understand my recipes (the pictures will do as well, I think!!).

Next year I will start preparing already in summer :-D This year I just got to know from this event about 1 week before it started... so.. I guess that was my problem. Have a great time & see you in one year again!

Soooo, this is my last post, unfortunately only the 18th ;-(, the Vegan Wednesday again!

Vegan Wednesday #13 - 31th October 2012 *Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen*

For breakfast I had green tea with oat milk.....

.... bread with avocado & vegan cheese...

 ... and thaimango with cereals and soy milk.

For dinner we had savoy cabbage....

 ....filled with rice and peas, served with tomatosauce.


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