Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#3: vegan Wednesday #9

[zu meinem vegan Wednesday auf deutsch geht's hier lang]

In Germany Carola, Cara and Julia started the vegan version of "what I ate Wednesday" .... the "vegan Wednesday"! So every week one of the girls collects posts from different blogs, who took pictures of their vegan food on wednesday for showing the world how varied vegan food can be!
The "results" you can gaze here at PINTEREST.
This week Carola collects our posts and if YOU, dear MoFoers or blog-readers, want to take part as well... then just read the description here! And maybe next week the pinterest-album will be much more international :-D

vegan Wednesday #9 - 3rd October 2012 (Day Of German Unity!)

This wednesday i was laaaaaaaazy.... i mean I was having brunch :-)))))
My boyfriend and me were at the restaurant of vegan chef Björn Moschinski Kopps, where a special brunch because of Day of German Unity took place.. hoooraaayyyy nothing to prepare for brunch, only sitting, eating and eating AND... eating :-D the whooooole morning until afternoon!
My camera HAD to be with us, so here you have some pictures of the AWESOME all-day-brunch ;D

At first I had a bread bun with "cheese", smoked tofu and "egg-salad" (recipe by Björn Moschinski, MoFoer Nicole already posted it here!). Moreover I ate delicious pizza and drank a soy-latte macchiato

Plate #2 (the salad-plate!!): cucumber salad, beetroot salad, potato salad, egg salad, pasta salad, barbecue seitan salad and "chicken" salad

Plate #3: lasagna, roast potatoes and yes...something with white cabbage!! That was SO delicious, but i unfortunately  forgot to look for the name.. :-(

Round #3: red berry compote

Round #4: another 2 pieces of pizza, egg-salad again, a second version of cucumber salad, carrot-apple-salad and soy yoghurt (blueberry & natural) with fruiiiit (apple, pineapple & orange)

Round #5: and when you actually had enough.... there's ALWAYS enough space in your stomach for CAKE!! :-D Actually I wanted to have one of the awesome-looking brownies, but they were only available until 12 o' clock or so :'(((( This one here was a redcurrant (!? I forgot it, sorryyy!! too much food today :-D) cake freshly baked and still warm :-D

Although I thought that I could NEVER eat again... as always after having brunch :-D...In the evening I had a small (and my mum a bigger) serving of beetroot-seitan-roulade with mashed potatoes.. this should have been a recipe for the vegan MoFo, but I wasn't really satisfied with the taste of the seitan ;-( So I have to rework that and if it works, I will post it!
The whole wasn't that photogenic as well this evening....despite the nice pink colour!! :-D
I'm already very excited about seeing all the pictures of this week's vegan Wednesday! Maybe there are also some international posts this time? :-)

Best wishes, 
♥ Maria


  1. OMG, gut, dass wir so ein Restaurant hier nicht haben, sonst würde ich jedes Wochenende platzen :D
    Liebe Grüße
    Carola von twoodledrum

    1. :DD ach, so viel kann man ja dann doch immer nicht essen ;(
      aber es ist schon gefährlich... hihi :D

      grüße zurück!

  2. What an amazing looking brunch. I'll have to make sure that I visit Kopps next time I'm in Berlin.

    1. isn't it? and there was so much more!
      you absolutely have to go there! brunch is every saturday & sunday :)