Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#17: Halloweentorte // Halloween Cake!

zum Rezept geht's hier!

I proudly present.... my green slimy scary halloween cake! A cemetery with disgusting slime which waits for everyone who will be buried there *boohooo* *spooohooky*

That cake is made of chocolate cake and colored vanilla pudding! On top I crumbled chocolate cake and shaped some figures out of marzipan and painted them with chocolatecream (soy milk + cocoa powder, about 1:1) and strawberry jam... I mean blood ;)

My mum couldn't even eat the green pudding because she was so scared of the color :-D But my boyfriend and me ate it and it was soooo chocolaty!! yummmmmm :-))

♥ Maria ♥

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