Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#13: Vegan Wednesday #12

[zur deutschen Version geht's hier]

Last week I decided to not translate my Vegan Wednesday for MoFo, because it simply wasn't that spectacular! This week I really ate A LOT (by my standards).. I guess it's because of that grey and cold weather... just not comfortable, so I needed delicious food to raise my spirits!

Vegan Wednesday #12 - 24th October 2012

For breakfast I had pumpkinseedbread with avocado and tomatoes + two clementines.

What was for lunch? We ate the rest of yesterday evening: spaghetti with soy-meatball-tomatosauce... that reminds me of Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" :-D

On the road I drank a vanilla soylatte at Starbucks, but I didn't take a picture of it (I guess everyone knows how coffee looks like!!).
When I came home a bad-weather-hunger-attack got me.. so I used the second half of my morning avocado and had another bread with it (+ olives.. hmmm!!).

For dinner I had selfmade couscous with ajvar (paprika paste), tomatoes, cucumber, onion and black olives!

And FINALLY as dessert I ate one marble cake muffin with chocolate fondant!
(My boyfriend wanted to have marble cake some time ago, so I decided to bake a muffin-version of it yesterday!)

Repleted with soooo much food I will go to my warm bed now... and I am excited -as every week!!- for all the nice food the other participants made this week!!

♥ Maria ♥

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