Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome to my Vegan Month Of Food 2013!

Heyyy everyone!

Just wanted to say "Hi" for the second time! I am already very excited how everything will turn out, because I planned a little bit more than last year and hope that I will manage to post enough this time!

this is me now, 2013 :-)

My category this year is "Healthy and Whole Foods" because I started working out regularly 9 months ago and with that I also began to read a lot about nutrition and diets. After months of of experimentation I figured out that a high carb clean (less to no sugar, salt, coffee, junk/processed food and tons of fresh fruit and veggies, whole grain products, a lot of water and tea, ..) diet with a moderate amount of fat ist MY kind of diet. I love fruit (tons!!!) and realized that low carb is nothing for me, because I need energy for my workouts and my everyday life! Plus my bloating disappeared when I started eating more carbs than protein, great, right?
So, enough of my diet problems, this month I will show you some of my favorite meals + recipes, which will be clean AND, the most important, delicious!!

Let's get it started MoFo-ers and everyone who reads my blog :-D

Lots of Love

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