Sunday, September 1, 2013

#1: I'm on vacation - one week with me! // Chocolate Smoothiebowl Recipe! // Follow me around: my room!

[zum Beitrag auf Deutsch geht's hier!]

Yay, here it is: my first post of the Vegan Month of Food 2013! Excitinggggg!
And as you can read above, the first post is already packed with lot of content... or more pictures :-D

This week I'm on vacation but I will not leave my home, I'll stay in Berlin (Germany). My mum is on vacation too, so we'll visit some vegan restaurants and cafes for sure. 
My plan for this week is to post a recipe everyday, plus one picture (minimum) of me/the day. Probably you'll see pictures of me after working out at the gym everyday the upcoming 7 days because I was ill for the last two weeks what meant I couldn't do any sports. But, of course, I hope to show you a bit more than only a sweaty me ;-D

Today I have a greaaaat recipe for you.. a breakfast recipe, one of my FAVORITE breakfast recipes ever!
It's a fully raw (optional) and fully delicious chocolate smoothiebowl!!

toppings (from left to right): dried coconut, dried mango, hemp hearts and goji berries

You need (makes one serving):
- 2 medium bananas
- 1 tbsp (raw) cacao powder
- 1 tbsp cacao nibs
- 1 tbsp carob powder (optional)
- sweetener of choice (sometimes i add a little stevia or coconut sugar but you can use whatever you prefer)
- a little water

- the most important and exciting, toppings: nutbutter, hemp seeds, dried fruit, fresh fruit, shredded coconut,....

How to do:
Just blend all ingredients and add about 1tbsp of water from time to time. We want to have it super creamy and fluffy and not tooo watery.
When it reached your desired consistency, feel free to top it with a little bit of everything for brighten up your day!

For the icecream version just freeze one banana and blend it afterwards with the second banana and the rest of the ingredients :-)

Follow me around - my room!

As you already know do I live in Berlin, the capital of Germany. But where do all the blogposts and pictures come up? Therefore I want to show you my room, it's always a bit messy but never dirty! I can't live in a super tidy room, that doesn't fit my personality, I'm way too chaotic as well .. haha :-D

So here we go:

A little bit of everything... and the paper on the floor is for my cat. She loves it :-D 
The dollheads on my shelf are from the time I was apprenticed as a hairdresser.
And for those of you who recognized it - YES, I LOVE IKEA and so my room is full of it hehe (didn't changed my furnishment for about 6 years and I am still in love with it).

Maria ♥

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