Monday, September 2, 2013

#2: carrot rice sushi // vegan birthday brunch

Second day, second post. I'm doing good on the project so far hehe.
This time I have an almost raw recipe for you! Almost because my nori sheets and the tahin are not raw but if you have these ingredients, you can do it FULLYYYY raw ;-)

You need:
- one medium carrot, finely grated or chopped
- 1 nori sheet
- 1tbsp tahin
- some thin slices of veggies of your choice (i had cucumber and arugula)

How to do:
Spread your nori sheet with the tahin but leave out the borders (about 2-3cm). Add the carrot rice to the spreaded area and put the veggie slices on to the first quarter of your nori sheet. Now roll it up (best with a sushi mat) and press gently, so it will hold together later. I always put it into the fridge for about 10 minutes, that makes it easier to cut afterwards. After cooling, remove the ugly ends and cut the roll into your desired bite sizes. Seve with soy sauce/tamari, ginger or sprouts.


vegan Brunch at the Viasko in Berlin

Today I haven't done anything spectacular, so I'll show you some awesome food from my birthday's vegan brunch at the Viasko in Berlin. If you plan to go to Berlin, you definitely have to eat there, the food is AMAZING!



  1. Lovely photo of the carrot rice sushi -- looks delish!

  2. Outstanding picture, i love the vibrant colour of the carrot sushi dish. I've never been to Viasko yet, next time I'm in Berlin I'm going to try it!
    Happy birthday! :)

    1. thank you so much! oh yes, you really should! and you won't regret it, i promise ;)

  3. oh wow! the sushi looks perfect and that brunch looks super delicious. I love big plates of food with everything squashed together. that's why thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. yum!

    1. yay, same here! that's why i love brunch so much.. just adding each a tablespoon of many different things on one plate.. yummmm :D

  4. So much yummy food!!

    Why the tahini? Just because or is there a reason? :D

    1. thank youu :D
      hmm, well i think the tahini makes everything stick together better and i love tahini hehe :D