Thursday, September 5, 2013

#4: Favorite Post Workout Shake // Lunch at the La Mano Verde in Berlin // Haircut at Night

[zum Beitrag auf Deutsch geht's hier!]

This time I want to show you my all time favorite of protein shakes: Banana chocolate!
My favorite protein powder is the Sunwarrior, a raw rice protein which is great to digest. I also own soy isolate but when I use it too often it makes me bloat a lot, so I decided to use it only for baking until it's empty. Pea Protein is the third kind of protein powder I have at home at the moment (freaaaaak, i know, i tried out a lot!) and that is a great alternative to soy as well! Great to digest, to blend in smoothies AND by far not as pricey as the Sunwarrior!
Oh, and raw hemp protein is amazing as well, it has a nutty taste and is great in smoothies!


You need:
- 1 medium banana
- 1 scoop sunwarrior chocolate (or vanilla)
- 1 cup unsweetened almond milk oder water
- optional: 1 tablespoon raw cacao nibs (or dark chocolate)

How to do:
Just bleeeend until you have a smooth and creamy shake which will fuel your muscles after working out!

Lunch at the "La Mano Verde" in Berlin
On Tuesday my mum and me finally ate at the La Mano Verde! We decided to have (the affordable) lunch there because it is one of the more expensive vegan restaurants in Berlin. 
You can choose between having a two-course-lunch (starter - main course or main course - dessert) and the three-course-one. Of course we had the three-course-lunch ;-) We also ordered water and white wine.
When we arrived we first felt not that comfortable and a bit "too normal" for this restaurant because at that time there were only business people and other genteel dressed guests. Later in the noon more tourists and average, but interesting persons came as well.
The food was amazing, everything tastes sooo good!
I really recommend the lunch there if you'll visit Berlin :-) Certainly it is something special because it is quite pricey, we paid for 2x lunch, 2x small bottles of water and 2 glasses of white wine about 50€. It's still okay, but nothing for stopping by everyday!

Starter: potato leek soup

tomato gazpacho with mixed veggies and arugula on top

carrot cake with a super sweet cinnamon topping and a physalis

Haircut at Night
Finally a snapshot of me from Tuesday before we went to the La Mano Verde. Sorry for the strange posture and face, I took it quickly :-D
In the night from Monday to Tuesday I decided to cut my hair (spontaneously) - in my room, in which only a small light was on - very, very smart, I know!
I only cut off the damaged ends and added layers to the side, which became a bit shorter than I wanted it... but what did i expect !? haha
A bit nervous I went to sleep and in the morning I corrected my haircut a little bit, because it wasn't as bad as i thought (lucky me!!).
All in all I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out but I really should stop cutting my hair at night.. it just never has the cut I usually planned.. ;-D

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